The Full Tour – Part Six – Almost Done

If you’re joining us for the first time, Start at the Beginning.

By now you’re probably used to walking down that steep driveway, right? No one fell off the edge on the way down, did they? Okay, just checking. As long as everyone’s safe, we’ll now continue our tour with part six: The Odds and Ends of the Exterior.

Just to let you know, there are 35 pictures left in this tour. Today we’re showing you 19 (for those of you who need help in the math category, that leaves 16 for tomorrow).

For some reason when I posted yesterday, I thought I had 40 photos left so I split them up 20-20 (20 for yesterday’s post, and 20 for today). But it turns out there were 15 other photos floating around that are a part of this tour, and I just don’t have the heart to leave them out.  So tomorrow will be the last day of the ugly house tour and that’s a promise!

Part 6 starts NOW!

*captions below each pic

This pic should have shown up in yesterday's post because it is a part of the back deck. The back door is just on the left of this photo. This is where the washer and dryer go. Yes, it's outside. However, it is underneath covering, and when it's raining you don't get too wet when you're loading it up. Yes we did have to purchase our own washer and dryer (shucks.) Here you can see that the house used to be gray, but they painted it a pale yellow awhile ago.


Another photo that should have been posted yesterday. This is the housing of the water heater and it sits right next to the washer and dryer. That pipe going up is the vent for the water heater. That bottle is an empty and very dirty alcohol container we found in the backyard (I have no idea, don't ask).


I guess we might as well show you the water heater now. This water heater was actually at its expiration, and during negotiations, we asked the bank to get us a brand new one and they did! Very awesome, I know! So we never actually used this water heater. However, in memorandum of the deceased water heater, may he rest in peace. (yes this water heater is male. I just decided).


Now moving in a logical fashion, let's show you the side of the house where the water heater goes. The north side of the house. About 5 feet wide max.


Over here you see where the part of the house where the fridge goes sticks out. That makes the opening to walk through 3 feet max.


Water shut off pipes and such. And on the lower left corner of this photo is a random planter type thing a previous owner made out cinder blocks.


Here's how hot it was the day we took these pics. It was 90 degrees. A hot day, but not the hottest for this area. I guess I will mention now that our hottest day while living at this house was around 115 degrees. Oh and P.S. this house doesn't have A/C.


Back on the South side of the house after walking across the strip of sidewalk along the back of the house, we come upon this little nook before you go up the stairs to the large south side deck. This is one of my favorite spots on the whole property. I am sad to say that I really didn't spend a whole lot of my time in this spot because that would only include sitting, and I don't just sit around for leisure very often. But I just liked it because it was shady and a semi-private area where neighbors couldn't see me (I just don't like the idea of neighbors being able to see me whenever they want to). That tree coming out of the ground is a mini avocado tree. No avocados grew on that tree until we started watering it (wow, what a concept!)


Going up the stairs to the south side deck.


This is what is in your face when you first get to the top. The ugly 70s style, non-heatable jacuzzi with a ripped cover.


Right when you get to the top of the stairs and look to the left (this is our neighbor's yard with lots of trees).


Standing on the southern-most, eastern-most corner of the deck and looking Northwest.


Standing on the Northwestern-most corner of the deck looking Southeast. Here you can kind of get the feel for how large the deck was. This deck was a huge perk in buying the house. Think about all the awesome parties we could have! To the far left you can see the stairs that go up to another level which is a good lookout for the views that we didn't take a picture of. (Sorry!)


Going back down the stairs to my favorite spot.


Now we're going to show you the views from the balcony off the master bedroom. This is the view if you look straight out. (eastern view)


This is the view if you look left (northern view). The house you see is the one on the other side of our next-door neighbor.


This is the view if you look Northeastern. That teal thing is a huge green house our next-door neighbor has. Sounds kind of cool, I guess, but it was actually a horrible eye sore the entire time we lived there and to our knowledge it is still there. Oh and he housed a peacock in there a few months after we moved in (which "mccaws" really loudly at about 5am every morning). Our next-door neighbor likes to have wide of variety of plants equating to a thick jungle.


Here's the view if you look Southeastern. Probably the best view from the balcony, but the side of the house blocks it for the most part. In order to look out this way, you need to stand all the way up to the railing.


This is the view of the backyard looking down from the balcony. You get a pretty good scope of the backyard from this angle. That yucca plant on the right is pretty much the property line. It is growing on both sides of the fence (you can't really see the toppling fence in this picture).


That’s it for the second to last part of this tour. Tomorrow we’ll conclude our tour and I have to say I’m starting to get a little teary eyed thinking about the end. But let’s not forget that the journey doesn’t end with the purchase! We still have to move in and get to work!

Have I told you that it has been really lovely having you along for the ride? Thanks for stopping by. Drive home safely and come back tomorrow 🙂

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5 Responses to 'The Full Tour – Part Six – Almost Done'

  1. Christina says:

    So I just finished reading everything you’ve posted so far, and now I’m all caught up. Let me preface my comment by saying “Wow”! What a huge undertaking! God bless you guys, because I’m overwhelmed just looking at everything!

    I can’t even begin to fathom having my W&D outside! And lol at your comment about “not getting too wet” if you’re doing laundry and it’s raining outside. And the way the water heater is just hanging out outside, plus the extension for the fridge/pantry area…The layout of the house is leaving me scratching my head.

    I am overtly curious to see what types of transformations the house undergoes. I’ve always been a fan of watching remodeling-type shows on TV (that’s about as ‘Weekend Warrior’ as I get) so you’ve got one tuned-in reader here!
    Christina recently posted..The Best (Semi-Homemade) Biscuits You’ve Ever Had!My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Christina… LOL. yeah, the covering over the back deck where the washer and dryer are had a few leaks in it, so when it rained there was some dripping coming down in certain places that we learned to avoid (until we replaced the “roof” cover thing above) 🙂 Thanks for joining us!


    • Lisha says:

      oh, and p.s. The water heater is in its own little shed with a door, so it’s not completely just hanging around outside 😉 lol

  2. Heidi says:

    Wow! I’m with Christina – this house is a HUGE undertaking. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it. That 1970’s hot tub made me laugh -the faux brown tiles totally dated it!
    Heidi recently posted..To-Do List for WinterMy Profile

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