How Did We Get Here?

Hey everyone,

First of all, I want to say Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your interest in our silly crazy life 🙂

In this post, I wanted to give you a brief overview of the process that took place before moving into our first house.

Before we got married, we both lived in separate apartments.

Kyle lived with his brother:


and I lived with 3, sometimes 4 other friends from college:


I had always been interested in Real Estate, Houses, Remodeling, Interior Design, etc. In early 2008, Kyle and I were sitting eating lunch at the “Secret Food Court” (that’s what we call it because it’s like a hidden food court in the middle of a shopping center), and Kyle mentioned that he thought it would be a good idea to buy a house sometime soon.

I was ecstatic! I never tried to convince him that this was what I thought we should do, so I was super surprised and excited when he brought up the topic himself.

We immediately started the home search. At first, we were mislead into thinking we could afford more than we could afford. So we were looking in the wrong area.

After a few months, we moved our search farther east (where the houses are cheaper… almost affordable). The first day out east, we had two houses to visit. For some reason, we could not get into the first house because there was no key for the realtor. We kind of looked around the outside and through the windows, and listened to the incessant barking neighbor dog. This was not the house for us.

At the next house (a bank-owned foreclosure), we were able to get inside. The house had some problems, but they were mainly cosmetic, so we were able to look past that and see the potential.

None of the floors matched…



The kitchen counters were not attached to the lower cabinets.


The stairs were made of plywood and the carpet was half ripped off.


But all in all it was functional and it had a very unique and interesting layout. (Were we crazy???)

After we toured the house, we went outside and we didn’t really say anything to each other or the realtor. We told our realtor we would call her to let her know what we thought. As we started driving down the road, Kyle said he liked the house and I immediately jumped into saying, “ME TOO!” We both thought it was kind of a weird, quirky house, but we still liked it and we could see ourselves living there.

Now, take into consideration, we didn’t have any actual plans of what we were going to do with this house. We didn’t know if we would live there forever. Although I never thought I could enjoy living that far east (I was quite a beach snob). We didn’t know what plans we had for fixing it up. And we also didn’t know if we were going to flip this house, or live in it for awhile.

We simply thought it was a good time to buy, so we did. In June 2008, we put in an offer, and it was accepted.


Come back next time and you’ll get a tour of the entire wacky house! We’ll announce when we post on Twitter!

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What do you think about our decision? Do you think we were crazy, or would you have given that house a chance? here to leave a comment!

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